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Whichever way you read it, Mind to Care is about the recipient, the giver, the process, a mindful call, the world we live in and our stewardship of it. It’s about people and personhood - Our understanding of the personal, biological, psychological, social and spiritual assets of the mind. The mind defines us and defies us - The mind remains the most challenging frontier of our times. It is our living home yet it is the seat of disruption, fear and chaos. In its workings it is awesome and like the person it serves, worthy of love, dignity and respect.

Wonder of the natural world - The subject itself and the means by which we behold and create the world we live in, subjugate it or ourselves within it. That which we hold less dear, less sacred, take for granted, is capable of great works and deeds, ordinary happiness, comfort and compassion. It is inventive and resilient, yet capable of inflicting terrible poverty and pain (on self or others).


We should take more care, nurture it, treasure it in health, and help others recover it in illness. The mind is our greatest gift, it is our lens - We use it to view the past, to live and explain the present, and envision our future. Whether on an individual, social or ecological level, it is the means by which we resolve and reform tomorrow’s world, which our grandchildren inherit. Will it be a meaningful and prosperous one for all?  What of our role?  Do we have the means, the will, the voice, the Mind to Care.


Who Should Attend

The Conference attracts between 480 - 640 delegates from a wide range of backgrounds including.


You can see the list here


Previous conferences include Cairns (2007) and Melbourne (2008).

The Conference will include a trade display section and a social program which provide participants the opportunity to network with colleagues and develop professional contacts.



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Conference Executive

Convenor: Jon Chesterson, Promotion & Prevention, Hunter New England Mental Health

Deputy Convenor/Chair Scientific Program: Professor Louise O'Brien, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst

Deputy Convenor/Executive: Sandra Hoot OAM

Deputy Convenor/Director Arts & Cultural Program: Vacant


Secretary: Anabel DeLaRiva, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Consultation Liaison, Sydney West Area Health Service


Treasurer: Janine VanBruinessen, Recovery Service Manager, Sydney West Area Health Service

Deputy Convenor/Social Program & Tours: Di Marchoni, FACMHN Life Member, Newcastle


Executive Assistant: Janelle Twomey, Administration Support Officer, Mental Health Nursing Research Unit, Cumberland Hospital, Sydney West Area Health Service


Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" Albert Einstein

















Conference Secretariat

C/- AST Management Pty Ltd      

PO Box 10508 Southport BC 4215,

Ph: 07 5528 2501 Fax: 07 5528 5291

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